Here in Europe we are preparing to settle in a long economic-social crisis. In the meantime, it is more and more obvious how the political framework contributed to the development of the crisis and the failure to tackle this crisis. The intertwining of the parts of the continent is more and more obvious: a public opinion poll in Greece affects internal politics in Germany, the exchange rate of the Swiss franc and the London Stock Exchange. Meanwhile the gap and tension are growing between North and South, centre and the periphery in Europe. How do we perceive all these in the post-socialist states, on the half-periphery of Europe? What peculiar economic and politic problems do we face? What answers can we provide?

Thursday’s programme is organised in cooperation with the Greens/European Free Alliance of the European Parliament.

Attention: the programme chart is under construction, so far we have indicated our confirmed panelists. We reserve the right to make changes.

Programme Overview
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All day long:

  • Sociopoly
  • Spinning room – yarn and needles
  • Recycle Mission
  • Drum workshop
  • Weight flow

Children: Waste and recycling

  • Smaller children: tale and puppet theatre, other games (bottle-fishing, etc.)
  • Schoolchildren: recycling workshop – crafts

8:00 — 9:00

Yoga, running

8:00 — 10:00


9:30 – 10:30

Introductory presentation:

10:30 — 12:30


Practical training:

For children: Waste and recycling

  • Smaller children: games, songs, recycling workshop
  • Schoolchildren: film/slides, discussion

12:30 — 14:00


14:30 — 16:30




  • You can initiate programmes here – in advance, or in the camp…

17:00 — 19:00


Sports and others for children:

  • football, ball games or dance for the active campers, as needed
  • handicrafts for the skilful or who want to improve
  • boardgames for the lazy

19:00 — 20:30


20:00 — 21:00

Cultural programme:

  • Gipsy dance
  • Movie: TASZ 


  • Lady Gerbeaud
  • DJ Scheiring


Programme Overview
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