Greencamp ’15


7753652790_c4051bebdc_oWhy is the EU good for you?

You always hear environmental protection is essential, but have no idea what YOU could do?
Even if you know what to do, you don’t know how?

How can you organize something yourself, how can you find peers and make decisions together?

If you want answers to these questions, to meet others, who are also fascinated by the same questions, even people with whom you can build up something new together,

If you want to meet foreigners and improve your English,

In addition for a week, in a nice camp,

Then come to Greencamp ’15!

When? Between June 28th and July 5th

Where? In the outskirts of Budapest, in the Buda hills

On the programme:

  • Team-building activities
  • Drama workshops on democracy and the functioning of groups
  • Workshops on citizen participation in Europe
  • Action-planning and activity-planning workshops
  • Movie club on environmental issues and on gender equality in public life
  • Eco-shower building workshop
  • Visit of a youth initiative best practice showcase (to be voted by the participants which one)
  • Board/card games and much more …

In the last 3 days, you will participate at the Green Summer Academy, with a possibility of choosing between 2-3 parallel programmes. Topics include: community-based planning, investigative journalism, citizens’ initiatives, advocacy for marginalised groups, conflict-management, public campaign on TTIP, universal basic income, situation of refugees, civil society resistance against the authoritarian government in Hungary, energy revolution in Hungary, green tourism in Budapest… But you can also knit-and-debate, play guitar at the campfire and enjoy a groovy concert & party on Saturday night…


  • applicants must be between16-23 years of age (some exceptions are accepted)
  • you speak English on an intermediate level (as 16 Hungarians will also participate at the programme, the majority of the course will be in English)
  • you are free between June 28th – July 5th
  • you are willing to implement what you have heard into practice (organize 1-2 small events during the year)

What does it cost?

The programme is for free, you only have to send a deposit of 5000 HUF with your application you will get back when you arrive at the venue.

This project is co-financed by the European Union Programme Erasmus+. For further information, please, contact