Green Summer Academy 2015


In what kind of place would you like to live in ten years?

zoliYou look around and find yourself in a world gone crazy. We waste our resources, damage the environment and take everything from the penniless while the rich grow fat on public money. We wouldn’t change our bad habits but fear innovations, reasonable as they might be.

Is this the way it has to be? Isn’t there any other way? Isn’t there anybody who could do it otherwise?

Could you imagine a better world? Would you make the effort to realise it? Or are you afraid you can’t do it alone?

What can we do against incapability, lack of means, in best case apathy, in worst case hate?

How many times did we feel that something has started, just to see it fading away again? How can we protect these sparks from burning out? From where do we gain energy to start over?

Is it possible to put pressure on the political elite from a simple citizen’s vulnerable position in a system which is centralised and run top-down? How can we protect our initiatives from a populist government’s attacks? And what can we do for the biggest losers of the system, people wrecked on the edge of society?

This year, the main question of the Green Summer Academy is finding the alternative with a human face – one that doesn’t turn its back on challenges, doesn’t try to get rid of them by laying a smoke screen. An alternative that aims to create a liveable, economically and ecologically sustainable society.

Come and discuss about these topics or whatever is important to you: During three days, in a calm, peaceful and green environment close to Budapest you are going to find people who think similarly and are not afraid to act – from experienced street fighters to enthusiastic young activists.  Someone will listen to you.