Ecoturist Budapest

1025 Budapest, Turista út 35.

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Address: 1025 Budapest, Turista út 35.

The site offers places to camp in the garden as well as VIP rooms for 2 to 3 person and a community sleeping room in the building. 

The site is located at a few minutes’ walk from the 6th stop (Nyereg út) of bus no. 65. The bus leaves from Kolosy tér in 15-30 minutes.
Timetable: (to the camp) (from the camp)
Another possibility is bus no. 11 leaving from Batthyány tér. You need to get off at Tömörkény utca, from where your need to walk a bit longer than with the other bus.
Timetable: (to the camp) (from the camp)

At night there is a night bus service from Kolosy tér, which is about 20 minutes’ walk.

If you are spunky enough, you can come by bike as well. It is unforgettable!

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