Iron Curtain 2.0 – Why this hysteria around refugees?

Since early January the Hungarian public sphere is dominated by the dominated by the “migrant” issue. While more and more people are fleeing the war-torn countries of Africa and the Middle East, Europe is increasingly reluctant to provide these people refuge. Instead the leaders of Europe decided to strengthen border controls and construct nationalist narratives to justify their anti-refugee attitudes.

But are refugees really a danger to our Western way of life? Wouldn’t it be our duty to help them? And what should we expect from the current policies and proposals of the EU and from member states like Hungary?

The following articles published in the Green European Journal, our co-operation partner on migration and refugees might be an interesting introduction to the topic:

  • Nóra Köves (human rights expert, Károly Eötvös Institute)
  • Márta Mészáros (psychologist, Cordelia Foundation)
  • András Kováts (Menedék Association, t.b.c.)
  • Szihám Hassan (journalist, activist)