One of the central discussions at the 8th Green Summer Academy focused on the comparison of and co-operation between bottom-up resistance initiatives and movements in Hungary. Our co-organising partner, the Green European Journal is putting this question in a European perspective in its ...
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Introducing Ecotourist@35

The site is extraordinary in several means. It is in Budapest but saved from the noise of the city. Close to the metropolis but located at a hidden place – like a magic hut. The house and the surrounding garden has been developed and built for many years. One gets the feeling it will never...
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Nowadays it became hard for anyone thinking consciously to ignore the fact that our consumption habits in their current forms cannot be maintained for much longer. We are over-consuming in all areas, from most basic goods to luxury items. Of course, this problem will not be solved by ...
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The organisation of this year’s Green Summer Academy is taking off! However, to make it a real success, we need you!
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Can we build a sustainable and liveable society? 25 years ago, there was a mutual understanding within Eastern European societies on the transition from the Soviet-type dictatorship, centralization and isolation to a Western style democratic model – based economic and political ...
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Citizens across Europe demand more democracy now. They want to take decisions into their own hands. They do not want decisions on their present and future to be taken by uncontrollable governments, remote bureaucracies and financial conglomerates. They want open, transparent ways of policy ...
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European Citizens

The European Citizens’ Initiative is one of the most positive success stories of the European Union. It’s above all a success of European civil society that this first instrument of transnational participatory democracy became part of the Lisbon Treaty. Sure, there are plenty of worrisome ...
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Many might think why it is necessary to serve vegetarian food only at the Summer Academy? The main reason is that organisers of the camp consider protection of the environment not only a theoretical, but a practical issue as well. According to optimistic estimates, meat consumption is ...
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Cycling is good. Good for the person because it is easy, cheap, healthy and the wind blows your hair. Good for the city, because air will be less polluted and there will be more space. So why does not everybody ride a bike? Why are unusable cycle paths created from EU funds? How can we...
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2013 is the European Year of Citizens. Therefore this year the main topic of the Green Summer Academy is the situation and future of democracy, and the opportunities of citizens for participation. Related to this, and the elections in 2014 there will be numerous lectures, discussions and ...
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