Put it together!


Put it together! – at the Green Summer Academy in 2013!

Velence, July 17-21, 2013.


You have realised something? You suspect not everything is okay with the world today? You think we should treat each other in a responsible and sustainable manner, as well as our environment and resources available, yet we fail to do so? You know we could do it differently, however outdated ideologies, populist slogans or misty theories are not satisfactory for you? You have more questions than answers?

You have started into a new direction? You are just reaching in the dark, looking for security, however you have no idea what you can rely on? You are wandering on a narrow path, and you would like companions? You have the feeling that it is also up to you what direction the world takes?

You have started something? You have an initiative, but you need help? You also think it is better to do something for others than expect others to do something for you? You think your action will make society and our planet nicer, better and more just? You would like to see how your activities connect to those of others with similar ideas?

Let us put it together! At the Green Summer Academy we are looking for an answer how many good ideas can turn into an ideology shaping our society, how justified rage can turn into a movement with a revolutionary potential, and how many good persons can change the world. Let us explore the connection, let us see, what we can achieve together!

At the Summer Academy, the field is yours! The interest, knowledge and experience of each and every participant counts! Here students and professors, beginner activists and veteran politicians, local activists fighting for a cause and world-famous scientists can discuss matters as peers. Contribute to the common pool, teach and learn, think and act!

The Green Summer Academy of Central Eastern Europe by now has become a renowned event in the life of the ecopolitical movement of Hungary and Europe. This year’s Academy will be the sixth to open up space for participants, lecturers, volunteers to get an insight into the system of ecological thinking, provide an opportunity to extend the horizon, find new topics, projects or partners. Theoretical blocks will be supplemented by practical workshops, training sessions and a rich cultural programme, of course accompanied by parties, bonfire, guitar and singing. You can come alone, with your partner, friends, family, even with your grandmother – new, interesting, fascinating entertainment is guaranteed!

Come along, and let us put it together