Dear old and new green campers!

Are you in plus or minus?

August 22 will be a few days after we will have used up the Earth’s resources for this year and start to live at the expense of future generations – and this day is coming earlier from year to year. Governments of the world do not seem to care much about the immediate dangers of climate change. Billions of people live in growing insecurity day by day: societies disintegrate, decent work opportunities vanish, hate and violence are on the rise. Ukraine and the Middle East can easily become the powder kegs of new global conflicts

In the meantime, Hungarians can enjoy how their government betting on nuclear energy brings decades of debt service upon them in order to realize the Paks2 NPP extension. No wonder that depression is on the rise and more people than ever flee to abroad. Less and less we remain to do more and more.

However, there are still communities around us who do not accept the lack of perspectives, who do not wait for the state, for Brussels or opinion leaders to improve their lot. They try to change the world in a day by day struggle, with clenched teeth or shouting loudly.

How can a few activists get together in Budapest, but far from the world’s noise and try to solve the world’s problems or at least to get closer to solutions? How much more can a community do than individuals? How are those, who already started and where are they? Let’s see what a flash summer academy can bring us!

How can we get into plus, what can we give the world and each other during one long weekend?