During the five days of the summer university you will be able to participate in a wide range of activities including professional, community, cultural and children’s programs. We provide an opportunity for study and debate, networking and fun in six different sessions.

Refresh yourself with yoga or jogging after getting up, participate in talks, debates and workshops in the morning and early afternoon, listen to plenary debates in the late afternoon; join various workshops including craft courses throughout the day, listen to concerts or watch movies in the evening, party at night till you can. Should you bring your kids, we take care of them the entire day if you wish!

Topics and programmes of the days:

(Almost) every day, (more or less) the whole day: Vadjutka jewellery workshop, pottery, Recycle Mission, Witches’ Kitchen, objects made of trash, guitar-singing, drum workshop, dance workshop, sociopoly


Afternoon-evening: arrival, spontaneous community, team and camp building activities.


Morning-early afternoon: team games and other teambuilding activities.

Late afternoon: opening ceremony, opening lecture. How to survive the 21st century?

Evening: Krétakör, illumiNation, movie: Intouchables, concert, party.



Democracy and crisis on the semi-periphery

Thursday’s programme is organised in cooperation with the Greens/European Free Alliance of the European Parliament.

Morning: talks about the Green New Deal, European integration, the state capture problem, the autonomy of the Carpathian Basin, the Anonymos phenomenon;

Early afternoon: talks about the Mediterranean crisis, the dogma of the free flow of capital, youth movements, European citizens’ initiatives, taking back public space, and the hunt for oligarchs.

Morning-afrernoon: how to get a successful NGO up and running?-workshop; Agora: panels according to your decision

Late afternoon: plenary debate about the future of the Euro(pean) project.

Evening: forum theatre, film: Capitalism, a love story/A reservation, Without Rights; concert: Védegylet Band; party.



Environmental change and social adaptation

Morning: talks about life style adaptation, global food crisis, the energy-supply of the future, eco-minimalist architecture and the future of capitalism.

Early afternoon: talks about sustainable land and property policy, cultural renewal, the end of nuclear power, the right to personal mobility, healthy life style, country planning.

Morning-afternoon: protest planning workshop, non-profit financing workshop, Agora: panels based on your common decision

Late afternoon: plenary debate

Evening: meta-forum, film: End of Suburbia;

Concert: Bélaműhely; party.



Social disruption and necessity

Morning period: Conversations about the need-business, the occlusion of mobility tunnels, the worst practises (Érpatak, Gyögyöspata), the need of energy, the coherencies between trust and necessity.

Early-afternoon: revolving stage: introduction of the several communities generated by social self-organisation; meanwhile conversations about changing roles of women in society, opportunities of the gipsy ethnic group, squatting, the unemployment of youth and their migration, the status of handicapped people.

Late-afternoon: plenary debate on citisen’s basic income.

In the evening: performance of deaf flamenco-dancers and conversations, movie: Lilja forever, Only the wind

Concert: Bohemian Betyars; party



Open day: Green Politics in Practice

Morning: plenary debate on the opportunities of green governance in Hungary

Open day: introduce the results of past few days to local residents on the last day of summer university


* * *

The Summer Academy’s performers, speakers are well acknowledged Hungarian and international experts, politicians and activists.

We maintain the possibility of changing the programme until the last second before the start…